Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wow! Many Changes!

Has it really been 2 months since we posted? Blush! Here's the news...we're expanding into the additional 2600 sq ft next door and adding 15 to 20 additional vendors with booths full of wondrous wares! Here's the space now:

AND there will be a studio/classroom where you can learn crafts and artistic techniques from some of the best known and most talented artists in the area! The future studio area is below. Hard to picture now, but it has several windows and a door!
 We hope to be in by March 1st, but the STUDIO will be open for the First Friday Artwalk on March 2nd regardless!

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  1. Woo, hoo! Can't wait to get in there and "Get my Art On!" Both my house and Kim's, are filling up with fixtures, supplies and future projects. We have some wonderful talent coming in to share all their creative knowledge. We will keep you posted. We should have our first brocure ready by monday and I'll bring some by MSV and spread all around the NorthWest! xoxo, Chris/Momma